We provide programs and services to strengthen capacity, inspire positive change and enrich the lives of southwest community members.


South Calgary communities will be a safe, strong and vibrant place for all community members to live, grow and thrive.


At SouthWest Communities Resource Centre, our staff and volunteers
embody the ideal of I CARE in everything they do to support south west
families and individuals.

We cultivate a trustworthy environment for our clients, volunteers, and
community stakeholders through honesty, inclusivity, and high quality
programs and services.    

We pride ourselves in providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for community members to be supported in their individual needs.

We honour our commitment to the community and aim to serve each
individual to the highest standard.

We recognize and accept our community’s differences, views and opinions
through fair and equitable treatment of all our members. 

We listen attentively to what south west community members are telling
us and work hard to understand all their diverse needs. 


Karen · March 16, 2019 at 12:21 pm

Working as a social worker in the Netherlands (Eindhoven), I want to learn more about social work and health care in Canada; specially in Calgary or surrounding municipalities.

    SWCRC · March 18, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    That’s great Karen,
    Is this for school and practicum placement or are you looking for employment? It would be great if you could send me more details on what you are looking for. You are welcome to send all your inquiries to info@swcrc.ca. We will be sure to respond to your request.
    Kind regards

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