SWCRC Whiteboard

SWCRC Artist, Tamara!

“They come through the door, and it’s instant smiles on their faces, which is really nice because

I know it’s the recognition of someone that’s there for them. It’s a known person.” As a

reception volunteer for almost five years at the South West Communities Resource Centre,

Tamara creates an open and welcoming space for all, supporting the SWCRC; a community

hub of resources, workshops, and comfort. Tamara recognizes that, “Asking for help is

probably the hardest thing, to ask a stranger to help you,” and excels at being an ambassador

of encouragement. Tamara’s warm manner and organizational skills, combined with her ever

changing centre artwork, makes her one of the reasons that the SWCRC is a “happy safe place

to come to.”

“I’ve been artistic my whole life. I’ve dabbled in stained glass, watercolours, knitting, and

everything crafty. I really enjoy it. It’s part of my person that I have kept through my whole life,

and really appreciated. I give it to everybody else, because I like it for myself, so I feel that

everybody else should be able to have a little bit of it too.”

Volunteering for over thirty years, Tamara has always found sharing her time meaningful. “I look

at my volunteering as sharing me. And part of me is art. So that’s something that I can give to

people. It’s just part of volunteering. I feel that if you have something that you can provide,

whether it’s art or organization or speaking or anything, take your best aspect and put it

towards volunteering. Usually if you have something that you are very comfortable with doing,

it’s easy for you to put that forward.”

– Tamara –