Because of his experience growing up as an immigrant, he now volunteers his time tutoring youth to help overcome similar struggles.

Dave strongly believes in giving all year long and he does so as a tutor at the SouthWest Community Resource Centre. What do you think Dave’s secret to successful tutoring is? Feel those warm fuzzies full blast with Dave’s story and find out what his tutoring secret is.

“My parents immigrated to Canada from Europe after the Second World War in the 1940s. Growing up as an immigrant in the 1940s and 1950s was challenging because the programs and support systems in place today didn’t exist back then. As a proud Canadian now, I jumped at the opportunity to help the next immigrant generations adapt to their new home. I decided to get involved with an English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Looking back, I only began to understand the impact I have as a tutor with one specific tutee. I tutored a Polish immigrant who was a pilot in the Polish army working as a janitor in Canada. Six months after tutoring him, he came back, but this time with his pilot’s license! His life is going to have a different trajectory now, and not that I wrote the test for him, but I kind of helped and that’s so rewarding.

Today, most of the kids I tutor at the SouthWest Communities Resource Centre lack the confidence they need to really excel and that’s where I can help. The machine is already running and I’m just the oil. I’m that little boost of confidence and assurance they need to get them on their way.” – Dave

The SouthWest Community Centre offers free tutoring for students grades 7-12 who need a little bit of oil to get them going in the right direction academically. To register, call us at 403.238.9222.