SouthWest Communities Resource Centre


We at the SouthWest Community Resource Centre are here to help you and your family in any way possible.

The variety of free programs and referral services we offer to all residents of SW Calgary are life changing. Please see some of our success stories below.

  • “When I first came to the SWCRC I did not have a job, they have helped me find a job and provide for myself and family.”
  • “The tools have helped me manage my life better than before.”
  • “They have helped me a lot especially with my new born baby.”
  • “My life is way better, they have helped me find a lot of information.”
  • “They have provided referrals for me. Life is much better I am very grateful and I am able to manage my stress now.”
  • “The SWCRC has always made time for me, my self esteem has improved significantly. “
  • “I have way less stress in my life, I now know where to go to get help. “
  • “They have helped me understand my financial situation much better. “
  • “When I came to the centre they were there to talk to me and help relieve stress in my life. “
  • “They have helped me find a new job, things are looking up!”
  • “There referral allowed me entry into Calgary Housing. The social workers were very helpful. “
  • “The on-site food bank has helped me very much in dire times. “
  • “Thank you for helping me arrange clothing for my new job. “

New Immigrant Testimonials

  • I had no job, they provided referrals and support for our family. I now have a job, clothing, basic household items and a bed.
  • I feel better about things, less to worry about and plenty of support. They provide help for newcomers and have friendly people that make me feel welcome.
  • They provided referrals, I am very grateful and life is much better now. I am

Family Literacy Program Testimonial

My son, who is 4 years old, attended the Family Literacy Program. I saw a huge difference in my child before and after this program.  Initially he was very shy, less social and less vocal. He would cling to me while I was attending workshops for moms in the same program.  The program ran for 4 months every Thursday afternoon.

Now my son is so confident and likes to communicate with people. His English has improved ten-fold.  He stays in the play area on his own and doesn’t bother where I am and lets me do my work. He is all ready now to attend Kindergarten and school. I am so glad I attended this program!

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting Testimonial

The skills taught in this class are different from what we may have learned from our parents (i.e: physical or mental discipline). These skills are more effective in today’s environment, not just with our children but can also be applied to workplace interactions with others.

I have used the skills taught in the class and found them to be effective with my children especially with my son who has been diagnosed ADHD and OCD. The PDEP class helped me develop TRUST with my children which is critical in building a relationship with them so that they feel comfortable discussing personal and sensitive issues such as peer pressure, social media isses, etc.  It also provided a road map on how to deal with lifes challenges and to be a positive role model for my children.