Our programs and services respect different cultures, traditions and beliefs and we encourage individual independence and self determination. In 2019-2020 our Resource Centre recorded a record number of people visiting our space for one of our many progras and services.  There were 35 different programs, we had 4557 in person visits; 2574 phone calls, and 1062 unduplicated individuals.  In March/April 2020, COVID 19 was upon us and our phone and emails did not slow down.  In the first couple of weeks we had 75 individuals who reached out to us for more information and feeling stressed about the changing world.  

We are slowly moving a number of programs and services online for fall 2020.

To register or find out more information on a program please call our office at 403.238.9222

Parenting Programs:

We have a number of different parenting programs available.  From an 8 week, evidence based program to casual drop-ins and meet your neighbours.

  • Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting is an evidence based parenting program that helps children succeed, gives them information and supports their growth.   (6 – 8 weeks) The program is offered 3X per year.  Give us a call to find out the next start date.  
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  • Magic Carpet Ride is a program for parents and their pre-school children.  Learn new and fun ways to play with your child and meet other moms in the community.  

Youth Programs:

Volunteers who live in our communities come together to support young people and help them achieve academic success.   Our tutors become mentors and support young people in Junior and Senior High School.  We are always looking for great tutors and if you are comfortable helping youth, please give our office a call.  This program runs every Wednesday from 6 – 7:30 p.m.  Please contact Andrea at tutoring@swcrc.ca to register.   

Free Computer Classes
In partnership with the Southwood Public Library, the SWCRC is providing free beginner computer classes designed for adults of all ages.  Consider enrolling if you want to learn basic computer skills.  Call to confirm the next session of 4 classes.

Workshops and Educational Series.  

Together with our community partners we offer a variety of workshops and supports throughout the year.  From employment workshops for adults and youth, to back to school programs, mental health supports, child development, computer lessons, and so much more.   Please check out our monthly calendars for more information.  

Counselling for Low-Income Families

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This service is 5.00 per hour with one of our Insight Counsellors.  To obtain this service, a brief intake with one of our social workers is necessary.  She will make an appropriate referral to one of our counselors.   Call 238-9222 for more information on how to register for any of our programs or workshops.