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“Thank you for your tutoring services and helping my daughter gain confidence in her studies."

- Youth tutoring program parent

“Your parenting course, was positive and beneficial. The information was presented clearly and allowed for teachings to be easily applied."

- Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting course participant


SouthWest Communities Resource Centre

Volunteers for Holiday Hampers

National Volunteer Week – April 2017

The SouthWest Communities Resource Centre (SWCRC) wouldn’t be possible without the many amazing volunteers who donate their time and talents to help make the centre a success.

SWCRC Volunteer Group

SWCRC Volunteer Group

In 2016, 78 SWCRC volunteers contributed close to 3,000 hours of their time, assisting in a variety of roles ranging from administrative duties and child care to tutoring and sitting on the Board of Directors.

To celebrate the work of their volunteers, the SWCRC hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Party on April 27 in conjunction with the National Volunteer Week in Canada.

“The Volunteer Appreciation Party is really an opportunity to get together,” explained Debra Armstrong, executive director at SWCRC. “We want to create that sense of community and acknowledge that we couldn’t do this work without our volunteers.”

Many of the current volunteers at SWCRC are clients who had initially used the programs and services at the centre and decided to give back to the community.

“I think that people want to be able to contribute in a positive, meaningful way because this is their community as well,” said Debra. “Stronger families [and] stronger connections with people make a better place for everybody to live. I think people volunteer with us because it’s close—it’s a local impact.”



Alicia has been volunteering at SWCRC for over 10 years. As a volunteer, her tasks include recycling, shredding paper, and tidying the children’s area.

“I love volunteering because I like helping people and giving back to the community,” states Alicia. “[My favourite part about volunteering] is just having fun and having people say thank you and appreciate your help. [The people at SWCRC] invited me into the SouthWest family—we’re really close here.”

Another volunteer, Perry, has been with SWCRC for three years, helping with fundraising events for the centre.

“My favourite part about volunteering is the comradeship,” describes Perry. “You see people and get to know people you normally wouldn’t, so it’s fun.”

At 80 years old, Perry is one of the oldest volunteers at SWCRC.

“I’m retired, and I like to be able to put something back into society because I’m not really contributing since my retirement,” said Perry. “I’ve got time, so I might as well make good use of it.”



Amanpreet, one of SWCRC’s newer volunteers, recently moved to Calgary from India. She lives in the Northeast and travels two hours by transit to volunteer with SWCRC’s child care program every Tuesday.

“I was really excited to find a volunteer opportunity because I am a nurse from my home country, but here I am struggling to be a registered nurse in Canada,” explains Amanpreet. “I want to serve humanity and talk to people and learn new things from here. I really appreciate that they gave me this opportunity. I’m proud to be a volunteer.”

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