Community Social Workers and Family Education Specialists.  

The SWCRC is fortunate to attract some highly qualified staff to work with local residents to meet their goals, help problem solve, and connect to positive support systems.  While shifts and changes in our operations have occured since COVID-19, we are responsive and adapting to supporting all people living in south Calgary.   

We will ensure our families receive the best information we have, and help them obtain basic needs and mental health supports to weather the changes.  

We offer a warm and welcoming space where everyone is invited and we honour the stories that they trust us with.   Our team understands that relationships are key to successful outcomes, therefore each of us personalize our support so that people get the right services at the right time. 

The Team:

Debra Armstrong – Executive Director

Lily Pang – Family Support Specialist

Andrea Comacho – Youth Tutoring Coordinator

Lissette Arevalo – Community Resource Worker