Community Social Workers and Family Support Specialists.  

The SWCRC is fortunate to have highly qualified, experienced professionals who interact daily with families, parents, and caregivers.  We have 2 registered social workers and a Family Support Specialist.  Each of them are sensitive and responsive when a community member reaches out for help or assistance.  They will spend time to discuss individual concerns and may help by providing basic resources, such as food bank referrals, clothing, or information on affordable housing.  We open doors for people to build caring, supportive relationships with their children, friends, partners, and other professionals and help them move forward with a strengths based approach. 

We offer a warm and welcoming space where everyone is invited and we honour the stories that they trust us with.   Our team understands that relationships are key to successful outcomes, therefore each of us personalize our support so that families get the right services at the right time. 

Book a time to meet with one of our staff.  They are here for you! 

The Team:

Debra Armstrong – Executive Director

Lily Pang – Family Support Specialist

Andrea Comacho – Youth Tutoring Coordinator

Breanne Gerhardt – Community Social Worker

Feden Abeda – Community Resource Worker