SouthWest Communities Resource Centre

SouthWest Communities Resource Centre

Start here on the path to your better life


Life is a journey. Along the way, we draw on all of our resources – the ones we were born with, the ones we develop in ourselves, the ones we acquire, and the ones other people share with us – to create our best possible life.

The SouthWest Communities Resource Centre is a great place to come if you find yourself short of the resources you need to make your life a little – or even a lot – better.


Why start here?

  • Our services are provided free of charge.
  • Our client services staff are professionally qualified social workers. You will find them to be respectful, non-judgmental and caring. They are good listeners. They are knowledgeable about, and well-connected to, social services in Calgary and to other resources in our service area.
  • We recognize that you are already resource-full. You have all kinds of knowledge, strengths, abilities and attributes that you use to manage life on a daily basis. What we do will help you engage, build on and add to the resources you already have at hand.
  • There are actually a lot of helpful resources out there. Many are available at low or no cost. Some are even located close to home. We know a lot about the resources that are available. We will share our knowledge about resources with you. What we don’t know we will find out for you.  Knowledge is power. It can take you a long way toward where you want to go.
  • Just because a resource is available doesn’t mean it is the right resource for your situation. We don’t want to see you running from one service provider to another hoping to find what you need, to find the right fit. Our job is to connect you to the most appropriate resources. You can save time, and reduce frustration and stress, by accessing a service that provides a comprehensive assessment of your needs and recommendations as to the best available resources.
  • Meeting your immediate needs is important. You will probably come to the SWCRC thinking about what you need now.  Just as important, however, is striving to achieve your goals, hopes and dreams for the future. We will also help you think about the resources you might need to get you to this better, future place, one step at a time.


Three of many satisfied clients had this to say about the services of the SWCRC

“Where to begin? Your staff have helped me with so much. I have used your services many times over the years and have always been extremely happy. … I have always thought there was a disconnect among all of the social agencies in Calgary. I am so happy with you connecting them and pulling them together into one spot. Every time I have contact with the SWCRC I feel like I am confiding in a friend. But they provide more than a listening ear, they provide suggestions and encouragement. I am now trying to pay it forward by helping new people in my community.” – SWCRC Client Satisfaction Survey

“A lot of times, people don’t know they need help to change things until someone asks them questions. I didn’t know I could get help because I didn’t know I needed it. I didn’t know my situation was not ordinary. I am glad to know I can have help to make things better.” – SWCRC Client Satisfaction Survey

“I was pretty impressed – and I even brought 3 kids with me. The person was so willing to help. Even people you know don’t give you so much time. – SWCRC Client Satisfaction Survey


A few other important things to know about the SWCRC

  • The SWCRC is a small non-profit, Registered Charitable organization.
  • We have been in operation since 2003.
  • We serve families and individuals living in any one of the 28 communities in our service area. (Who We Serve)
  • In addition to our direct client services, described above, you can also participate in programs and services provided on-site by partnering agencies and our own SWCRC volunteers. (Program Descriptions)
  •  Every person’s situation is unique and important and deserves time and attention. Your initial meeting with a Community Resource Worker (we call this an Intake and Assessment) will normally take 1.5 hours or more. The Assessment is designed to help both you and your Community Resource Worker achieve a comprehensive understanding of your current situation, identify what a better situation would look like to you, and map out a plan for getting there with the help of available, appropriate resources.
  • All of our services are provided free of charge (this bears repeating!)


The best way to contact us

  • The best way to contact the SWCRC is by phone. One of our Community Resource Workers will talk with you briefly about your situation, set up an appointment, and provide you with ideas about what you might do to deal with your situation in advance of your appointment. (Contact Us)
  • You may also drop in to the Resource Centre.  However, you may have to wait some time before a Community Resource Worker can meet with you briefly to set up an appointment. (Contact Us)
  • We protect the privacy of your personal information and your communication with us is strictly confidential. For that reason, we do not normally  interact with clients or potential clients by email.


How to use our website

  • The menu on the left of your screen will help you navigate through the Website. Moving your cursor over the Main menu items with arrows to the right will open up a drop-down list of related pages on the website. The Home and Contact Us pages do not have related pages, so just click on them directly. Let your need for information and your curiosity be your guide in moving through the Website.
  • If you want to check us out in depth, then see About Us. If you like stories illustrating why an organization exists in the first place, then (Why We Areis a must-read page.
  • If you are interested in using the services of the SWCRC, then Home, Programs and Services and Contact Us will be the pages most immediately helpful to you.
  • If you are interested in supporting vulnerable individuals and families, improving social service delivery south of Glenmore Trail, and even impacting social policy, consider channelling some of your resources through the SWCRC. The more we work together the more positive change we can create. Our Volunteer and Donate sections of the website provide “how-to” information.
  • One of the goals of the SWCRC is to mobilize and communicate social knowledge. Check out the Learn More section of the website for original SWCRC publications and other interesting documents as well as links to interesting sites.

See this path…

It winds through a community ready to support you and leads to your better life.